From a Green Dragon Dream

From a Green Dragon Dream

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29 January 2010

The Passing of Time

Just when the quilting bug bit, my life changed dramatically and I became a single mom with two small children. A preschooler and an infant. I lost my super awesome job to downsizing and had to find whatever. This meant that I couldn't buy much fabric so when I could I went crazy. I think I bought more ugly fabric just because it was a price I could afford than I really should have. The good news is, it's all used up. I learned something really important in those days. I can be frugal and still make something beautiful. I learned that a 3 year old can completely dismantle a sewing machine in the time it takes to have a shower and I learned that just because I didn't get to sew all the time or make quilts I didn't have to give up my love for quilting. I spent a lot of time going to quilt shows and reading books so when I was ready to sew again I had a lot of good ideas and a lot of information.

Lesson #1 Even uglies can be used up
Lesson #2 It's not a good buy even if it's on sale if you won't use it
Lesson #3 Don't take your stash for granted

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