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From a Green Dragon Dream

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13 March 2010

Fast Forward

It's been about 5 years and well, many things have changed. I've been married, done a bit of sewing here and there and now I live in Idaho. I am teaching, have a tiny apartment and a summer off. I need to downsize and I go to a church with lots and lots of new babies. One a month for two years in fact but we will come to that in another post. I have done a quilt class about rotary cutting and now I have what I need for good quilt making. A rotary cutter, a good mat and a good ruler, all of which I still have because if you take good care of your tools they will last a lifetime. The preschool where I worked had done a baby quilt as a workshop to learn about sharing, we all made one part and then had to share our parts. The director was a quilter. I had a lot of fun. Thing is, I had never finished the quilt and so it was with all my stash in a flip top tote. I decided to finish that quilt for a friend in the church. It went over so well that soon word got out and that's how it all began.

Lesson #1 The direction you start may not be the direction you finish
Lesson #2 Beware who you give a quilt to, it may turn out to be well loved
Lesson #3 Take a class, it will help more than anything else you can do to learn how to use your tools and make accurate blocks. Those 2 things will be he most important things you can do for successful quilt making.

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